Each perfume is showcased in a divine, hand crafted, birchwood gift box as shown in this picture.. The suave, solid glass vessel, containing the sacred juice, rests on top of a black velvet cloth and is nestled in a bed of shredded Aspen wood. The label is gold plated and hand made. All together; It's an absolute masterpiece! The attention to detail is matched with the hand engraved name of each perfume or cologne on the lid of the box. Attached to each box is a delicate, gold stenciled butterfly. These handmade gift boxes are exclusive to Immortal Opulence. This collectable piece, contains our perfume, beautifully presented and can be a showpiece in any room or, a centerpiece in any perfume collection. Once empty, you may find many other uses for this stylish box. Comes free with your purchase! A $47 value.

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