Tears of Love Perfume. Suggested use: Feminine – Ageless. Spring/Summer/Autumn. Suave, thick, heavy artisan glass bottle. Gold plated hand made label. Hand crafted - hand engraved birchwood display case with Aspen wood and velvet bottle cushion. A true collectible! A voluptuous floral par excellence. Tears of Love perfume, draws you in immediately. Love is a journey—the first shy moments of attraction; then, deep in the heart, the magic begins. Filling the air is tropical sweet white plumeria petals & multi dimensional baronia petals with the intrigue of Philippine rose & patchouli. Sweet, richly floral, flirtaceous and coy. The saffron, gardenia and sandalwood, lightly tie the florals into a stunning bouquet, reminiscent of a beautiful, outdoor garden wedding, which brings a tear of love to your heart and a quiet flame to your soul. A trail of elusive praline and vanilla cream, invokes playful happiness and surrounds you with mixed varietal dried flowers. Tears of Love is absolutely feminine - is deep, forever and beautiful. Low keyed creamy floral, yet hopelessly alluring. Throws out all the hooks. Basic notes: Top notes: Philippine dalondon – bamboo - baby peach – baronia. Middle notes: Plumeria – baronia – Phillipine rose – patchouli – praline – tuberose -saffron – gardenia. Base notes: Sandalwood, vanilla. Other ingredients: A proprietary blend of natural essential oils and compounds. This is a most unusual floral perfume with subtle wisps of creamy undertones, creating delicious passion in a bottle.

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