Suggested Use: Feminine. Spring/Summer/Mid Autumn. At home relaxing/backyard lounging/office/or just about anywhere Suave, thick, heavy artisan glass bottle. Gold plated hand made label. Hand crafted - hand engraved birchwood display case with Aspen wood and velvet bottle cushion. A true collectible. Day dreams on a summer/autumn morning. Quiet thoughts come floating down and settle softly in your mind. It's a daydream you want never to end. Gentle sunlight. Sweet morning blooms of wild and domestic white flowers, floating into the windows of your abode. Wild green grape vines spiraling around old cedar-wood fences fill the air. Crab apple trees, almost forgotten yet enduring throughout the years give off the subtle aroma of mulled cider. Green and yellow late summer leaves, meander in the warm breeze, giving you that classic September aroma. This day dream is imprinted on your soul as you reminisce. This subtle intensity of feeling; it drives you on your good days and provides emotional security on the less-good days. There is a warm soothing afterglow, which accompanies you throughout the day. A feel good aroma like nothing else. Basic Notes: Top notes: Baby peach - wild blueberry shrub - dried fig - bergamot - lily - dried marigold. Middle notes: Patchouli -Philippine jasmine sambac - Peony - Poppy - crab apple. Base note: Canadian white cedar. Other ingredients: A proprietary blend of natural essential oils and compounds. Absolutely Gorgeous! Velvety. Leaves you wanting more. 50ml.

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