Cygaro Cologne. Suggested Use: Masculine. 35+ Home/Office/Date Night/Home Study Room Fireplace/Man Cave/Cigar lounge. All 4 seasons. This cologne is inspired by Mark Twain; Author of, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn And The Adventures of Tom Sawyer but there’s much more to Mark Twain. He was a man also known for his enjoyment of over 100 cigars per month! He was an author, philosopher, humorist, world traveler, extreme cigar aficionado and pipe smoker. He also enjoyed a glass of Scotch or Bourbon with his cigar, which were his favorites. Mark Twain’s wife, Olivia, wanted him to quit cigars. Mark Twain said this about quiting cigars: “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I should know; I’ve done it a thousand times.” “Cigars are my companions” He was said to have found the best of all inspirations, especially his book writing, in smoking a cigar. He was a resident of Connecticut later in his life. He died in 1910 in his Connecticut home. Each bottle of Cygaro Cologne comes with one Connecticut Nub Cigar, as a tribute to the great Mark Twain as he actually did smoke these for a while. You have to imagine what Mark Twain’s study must have smelled like. I personally have taken a tour of his home/museum and the aromas were interesting indeed. There I imagined Mark Twain sitting in his old leather chair, at his mahogany desk. The smell of an old library bookcase lined with many books and an old typewriter. Mark Twain sitting there, contemplating his next chapter of Huckleberry Finn, while cigar smoke encircled his writing area, and a glass of bourbon sitting on that mahogany desk. The windows open, with a gentle breeze, transporting the aromas of the native Oak trees into his study. A Norman Rockwell style snapshot. After great contemplation, Cygaro cologne was formulated. I truly believe it brings the Mark Twain experience to life. Enjoy this classy, gentleman’s cologne with a glass of your favorite libation, while deep in thought, a casual date night, or fun with friends and family. A couple of sprays of Cygaro Cologne, will complete any gentleman’s experience! It will leave an aroma impression of dignity, class & taste. It emanates a calm, cool & collected personality. This cologne is truly special and every gentleman who has tried Cygaro, is fascinated and impressed by the aroma and experience. It puts you in Mark Twain’s study, as if you were engaging with a wise old friend. An historic figure, briefly brought to life. Basic notes: Top notes: Cardamom – Balsam Fir – Juniper – Neroli - Clover. Middle Notes: Tonka bean- Amyris – Anise. Mid – Base Notes: Patchouli – Palo Santo – Tobacco – Leather - Black Agarwood - Guaiacwood. Inspiring and contemplative. A new age classic. Other ingredients: A proprietary blend of natural essential oils and compounds. 50ml.

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