Suggested Use: Geared Towards a Men's Fragrance. Anytime day or night - All 4 Seasons. Dancing to the rhythm of the blazing sun, you set out on a journey across the winding silken dunes of the Arabian desert. Its fluid curves stretch for miles and miles on end and beyond. Its natural beauty and solitude is both terrifying and magnificent. It is a land of possibilities and wonder. Storms of sand guiding the way to an oasis surrounded by palm trees, fig trees and tiny red crocus plants dotting the sand. The fallen dried figs, randomly intermingling with the sparse desert crocuses, creates an olfactory delusion of Arabian fig pudding. The pristine pond, fed by underwater springs, glisten like diamonds in the mid-day sun, reminding you of the mustiness of ancient travelers, taking a brief respite in this exact oasis of sensory delight. Continuing your journey at dusk, you approach the lights of a bustling open market Bazaar, which unveils a spiraling olfactive treasure. The vanilla like pompona vines, clinging to the market stone walls, gently buffers the slightly citric aroma of pink grapefruit supremes, presented in bamboo bowls, as you enter this enduring place of old . In the heart of the outside market, woozy aromas of fire roasted nuts, blending with an array of colourful spices, piled into cone-shaped pyramids and crisp bergamont fill the air. This sensation of heat and the vanilla note is used to great effect and is carried through and develops into the heart of oud and aromatic saffron threads. The floral accents dry out before they can blossom and lay buried beneath rich layers of bourbon vanilla imbued with spices, dried fruit and a hint of golden tobacco leaf. Combined they deliver an elegant, narcotic scent with a subtle welcoming of musky and earthy undertones. In the distance you gaze at a temple and receive occasional whiffs of the ancient stony mustiness, with prayers of old, written In the sand and whispered in wind. It is like a beautiful transition of the evening glow, that bathes the sky in high oranges and reds before the night consumes it all. Basic Notes: Top notes: Imported Israeli Pink Grapefruit, Philippine Dalandan, Bergamont. Middle Notes: Philippine Rose, Geranium, Agarwood, Patchouli, Jasmine Sambac. Base notes: Bangladesh Oud, Saffron, Amber, Black Pepper, Vanilla, Sandalwood. Other ingredients: A proprietary blend of natural essential oils and compounds. An eclectic blend of old world and modern contemporary aromas. Slightly carnal & addictive. The Hypnotic Melody Of Kashmir. A fragrance of grand magnificence. 50ml.

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