Let's Unlock The Secret Of  The Most Irresistible Perfumes & Colognes Ever Experienced!  Let's Unlock The Secret Of  The Most Irresistible Perfumes & Colognes Ever Experienced!  Let's Unlock The Secret Of  The Most Irresistible Perfumes & Colognes Ever Experienced!

Is there really a difference or
is it a deep deception?

A Perfume or Cologne is a picture painted
in smells...and has notes and tones like
music and art.

A great Perfume or Cologne, is a living art.

Instead of using paint, exotic middle-eastern oils may be used. Caribbean Citrus fruit extracts may be used..
European flower extracts and rare Israeli tree saps may be used. Combine these together, and you have a beauriful infusion....a masterful painting of colorful, rich aromas called...a perfume.

A great Perfume or Cologne, is an
expression of your feelings toward
someone you hold dear, or, it can be a
subtle expression of yourself to others.

A great perfume or cologne can invoke
fond memories, old tales, or take you on
new life adventures.

Yes; just like memories...aromas are
pressed between the pages of your mind,
waiting to be rediscovered or to become a
new addition to your life experiences.

You can't see perfume or cologne, but
it leaves an unforgettable mark
on the memory.
Not to mention it can elevate just about
any outfit, moment, or mood.

Your personal scent, combined with
the right perfume or cologne,
sends a subtle, cryptic message
about yourself, to those around you,
without you ever having to say a word.

Those who understand this know,
it's one of life's most profound pleasures.

However, new fragrances are being created all the time and there are hundreds that are noticeably watered down and weak. Even the icons of perfume are being reformulated with higher water amounts to meet consumer demand, along with price increases!
What a shame.

The perfume industry as of late, has also
become a playground for knockoffs too.
How many times have you read customer
comments about how they were duped
into purchasing a cheap knockoff, of what
they thought was an original label
perfume? I'm sick and tired of not being
able to trust what I buy in good faith.

Unfortunately, every industry has fraud,
and the fact that it has reached
the perfume industry is unconscionable.
Don't get fooled.

Perfumes and Colognes poured into
expensive, fancy crystal bottles, regardless
of potency, can fetch up to $800 or more.
And the scent....well....you're buying the
bottle right? Who cares if the scent is off
and weaker than before. Just spray more.$$$

It's the label buying trap.

Let me ask you this:

If Dior or Creed, took off their label and
replaced it with "Granny's Best" would you
still buy it?

Maybe..but maybe not.

Now let's switch all the labels around 
on all the perfumes on the market.

Let's put them all in identical bottles.
Now you have no idea what's what.
Which do you buy and why?

It could become a bit confusing.

You could become a victim of label buying
and enticing advertising.
Everything adds up to create a $200
bottle of perfume. And on top of it all,
It's well known , the actual ingredients to
make a perfume is around 5% of the retail
cost! Amazing.