Meet The Perfumery Founders - Plus - Get An Exclusive, Safety Net Purchase Guarantee!Meet The Perfumery Founders - Plus - Get An Exclusive, Safety Net Purchase Guarantee!Meet The Perfumery Founders - Plus - Get An Exclusive, Safety Net Purchase Guarantee!
We choose to collaborate with only the very best in the industry coming from
diverse backgrounds and countries..

Our Founder and Lead Formulator Richard Paul, is a graduate of the School of Natural Formulation in Great Britain and has won multiple awards in cosmetic formulation, for his well known anti-aging skin serum and cream.

Richard is known for his extravagant efforts in sourcing the rarest, richest, most opulent natural ingredients, showing no restraint in ensuring that even the tiniest bit that goes into your perfume adds a multi-faceted, otherworldly dimension, that enriches your relationship with fragrance.

Richard is also a:

1. Graduate of Xavier High School.
2. Graduate of Central Ct State.
BS in Chemistry.
3. Professional wine collector and broker.
4. Magician entertainer.
5. Graduate of The School of Natural
Skincare Formulation, Great Britain.

Our Director of Creative Design,
Anna Corpuz, as seen above, is world
traveled and has the most radical ideas
when it comes to going far beyond 
typical fragrances.

Being an Aroma Analyst in her native
country of the Philippines, Anna knows
pure exotic aromas intimately, and she
has engraved her philosophy upon us,
which is..."spare no expense"... that’s why
our perfume collections have begun to
blaze a trail in the world of fragrance.

Anna also is a:

1. Graduate of Silliman University, Dumaguete, Philippines - BS Psychology.
2. Former Sales & Service Executive - Delta Airlines International.
3. Director of Creative Design & Aroma
Analysis For LA Maison De Immortal

Something truly magical happens when
the top aficionados in their field, combine
to share their gift, passion & creative vision.

That something is,

LA Maison De Immortal Opulence.

Step inside our fragrance house and
discover for yourself the very best infusions
of Mediterranian, Arabian, Modern
Contemporary and Classical French
artistic perfumery.

They are novels of adventure and beauty, with each one greeting you with old tales, new adventure and precious, contemplative moments.


At LA Maison De Immortal Opulence,
our promise and guarantee to you is;  we use only 100% pure, sustainable and the highest quality natural perfume oils and extracts from
sustainable sources around the world.

We guarantee our offerings are NOT
watered down...we use no water.
They are rich and robust without being
over bearing to others. Tasteful & classy.
The aromas are long lasting...not weak.

We guarantee you will be absolutely
thrilled with your selection.
Simply read the vivid descriptions of
each perfume & cologne below, select

the one which you identify with 
the most,
and we will send it to you 
as soon as you order.  

The "safety net" guarantee:

Once you get your chosen bottle and
spray it on your wrists, if it doesn't send
you into euphoric, tickled delight;  
if you feel Immortal Opulence is not
comparable with some of the greats and;
In the unlikely event you totally dislike it;
send us a message below and you will be
refunded within 3 business days and you
can keep the perfume and just give it to
someone who may enjoy it. 

This is what we call a "safety net" guarantee! 

It's understood when buying a perfume
or cologne, you usually try before you buy.  

I can assure you, the descriptions of each
perfume are on point.  I further realize you
take a leap of faith when you buy from a
perfumery house you are not familiar with yet.  

That's why we are giving you this 
naturally honest money back guarantee
with your purchase. 

We believe in what we' are offering and
we do believe you'll love it.

Which perfume description defines you?

If you truly can't decide, you are welcome
to try our sampler bag, which contains 
2 ml each of every perfume and cologne.

Makes a great gift for sure...

Explore our modest collection of 
fragrance artistry below.