The daring Idea That became the brilliant Secret of a new  trademark scent!
You may or may not know this but
great perfumes and colognes are aged.
Aged perfumes are utterly spellbinding..

Most fine perfumes are aged in glass.

The ultimate secret is, WHAT  was chosen
to age the perfume, which created an
other-worldly, trademark scent.

Here's how it happened:

My fiancé and I took a trip to Cape Cod
Massachusettes; Provincetown to be exact.

We were browsing around town and we saw these "items" stacked next to a private beach shack.

My fiancé joked....wouldn't it be interesting
if we aged our perfumes in those?

Are you crazy I said...very funny; but then
I thought about it and said:
hmmmmm thats brilliant; has that even
been done before?

I don't think so she said.

I thought to myself; could that really work?
What would it really do to our
perfumes & colognes?

So we knocked on the door and an older
gentleman somewhere around 70 years old greeted us. He looked like an old sea
captain. Bushy gray mustache, the pipe,
the whole nine yards.. I'll never forget it.

I said: hey...are those for sale?
Could be he said.

How much you want for em?
The old guy said: $500 for all 12.

I said: how about $300

He said: Sold!!!

We picked them up the day we left.

When we arrived at our lab, we decided to
do an experiment.

We made a batch of our
White Summer Perfume.
We put half in traditional aging bottles and
half inside our treasure from Cape Cod.

Fast forward 2 months.

We took a small sample from the glass
container and evaluated it.
It was very nice. Beautiful actually.

Then we sampled from the experimental
holding container.!

We have never smelled anything so deep,
so vibrant, yet so gentle; a soft whirlwind of
shooting star aromas.
It was beyond captivating.

We couldn't stop smelling it. our secret.

This unconventional aging method,  created the Immortal Opulence trademark scent.  

It is what definitely sets us apart from the
hundreds of products out there.

Many clients say to us:   It’s just something different & unexpected.

We age ALL of our perfumes and colognes
like this and they all react the same way.
Deep and delicious to the nose and
the vibrancy of a vivid, pulsating rainbow.

Are any other perfume houses doing this?
Who knows. All I know is; we bleed perfume.

There are only 5 people who knows the
secret.....myself, my fiancé, our 2 Aroma
Analysts and our other Perfumist partner.

We all agreed, if anyone dares to
reveal our perfume aging secret,
that person should be punished
Old Testament style.
That wouldn't be pretty.......

So now yohu know.

Richard Paul.
Founder of Immortal Opulence.