The Immortal Opulence  Mission Statement. "Nurturing The Human Spirit With Divine Aromas"
Since our inception in 2018, we are slowly
building our heritage as a world-class
purveyor of luxury fragrance.

There are no budget limitations when
creating our perfumes & colognes.

Everything about our perfumes is top-shelf quality

Some are created for her.
Some are created for him.
Some are created to share.

Whatever you decide,
we can take you there!

Each perfume is showcased in a 
divine, hand crafted, birchwood gift box.

The suave, solid glass vessel,
containing the sacred juice,
rests on top of a black velvet cloth and
is nestled in a bed of 
shredded Aspen wood. 

The label is gold plated and hand made.

All together; It is an absolute masterpiece!   

All sales are on a first come first serve.

Simply read the vivid descriptions of
each perfume & cologne below, select

the one which you identify with

the most, and we will send it to you as
soon as you order.  

The "safety net" guarantee:

Once you get your chosen bottle and
spray it on your wrists, if it doesn't send
you into euphoric, tickled delight;  
if you feel Immortal Opulence is not
comparable with some of the greats and;
In the unlikely event you totally dislike it;
send us a message below and you will be
refunded within 3 business days and you
can keep the perfume and just give it to
someone who may enjoy it. 

This is what we call a "safety net" guarantee! 

It's understood when buying a perfume or
cologne, you usually try before you buy.  

I can assure you, the descriptions of each
perfume are on point.  

I further realize you take a leap of faith
when you buy from a perfumery house 
you are not familiar with yet.
That's why we are giving you this 
naturally honest money back guarantee
with your purchase. 

We believe in what we' are offering and
we do believe you'll love it.

Which perfume description defines you?

If you truly can't decide, you are welcome
to try our sampler bag, which contains 
2 ml each of every perfume and cologne.

Makes a great gift for sure...

Explore our modest collection of 
fragrance artistry below.