The safety net guarantee + What you get with your purchase! image
The good news is you don't have to take
a leap of faith with your fingers crossed
when you purchase Immortal Opulence
fine perfumes and colognes.

You get a luxurious perfume or cologne
where the scent lasts a long time instead
of disappearing after an hour, which is a
waste of money and very disappointing.

Our perfumes and colognes are 
hand-crafted with focused intention and
detailed precision.

Each perfume is showcased in a
divine, hand crafted, birchwood gift box

as shown in the above picture.

The suave, solid glass vessel,
containing the sacred juice,
rests on top of a black velvet cloth and
is nestled in a bed of shredded Aspen wood.

The label is gold plated and hand made.

All together; It's an absolute masterpiece!

It's understood when buying a perfume or
cologne, you usually try before you buy.

I further realize you take a leap of faith
when you buy a perfume from a
perfume house you are not all that
familiar with yet.

That's why we are giving you an
honest safety net guarantee
with your purchase.

The "safety net" guarantee:

Once you get your chosen bottle and
spray it on your wrists, if the aroma
doesn't send you into a feeling of ecstatic
delight;  if you feel Immortal Opulence is
not comparable with some of the greats,
send us a message in our contact
form below, and you will be refunded
within 3 business days.

No need to re-box it and return it.
You may keep the perfume and share it.

We believe in what we are offering and
we do believe you'll love it.

All sales are on a first come first serve and
we are quickly selling through our limited inventory.

Simply read the vivid descriptions of
each perfume & cologne, and select

the one which you identify with 
the most,
and we will send it to you 
as soon as you order.  

So go ahead; take a leap of faith and order now.

Treat yourself or give a holiday gift to
someone special.

You'll be sure to impress and

you will not be disappointed,

Who doesn't deserve a great perfume?

Explore our modest collection of
fragrance artistry.